Emptying My Bucket List

OK, I can cross this off now.

OK, I can cross this off now.

A bucket list is important in shaping what we strive for and reminds us of the variety of experiences that we might lose sight of as we go through the routine of daily life. We get excited when we find something we want to add to it and savor the ability to cross an item off as accomplished. I realized recently that my bucket list needed emptying.

It came innocently enough. Now, don’t sneer, but I have been a Barry Manilow fan since college. He did write some songs that resonated with me at the time. And mostly they cheered me up. Bandstand, It’s a Miracle, even the one with his jingles (Advertising major, remember). Although, if I never hear Copacabana again, that would be fine. Seeing Barry in a live performance was one of those items my bucket carried. So it’s his last concert tour and he’s stopping in my city. My last chance to see him and cross this off my list.

I decided it’s not important to me now.

I am starting my Shelf List.

A Shelf List is for the time in your life when you gasp at your upcoming birthday and have no idea how time passed so quickly. A Shelf List is a way to get things off the wish list and focus on what’s important to get done. Not so much to experience or learn as to share, create, contribute. A time to realize that while it may be still possible to learn to tap dance, is it still a worthy pursuit?

Mr. Manilow is going on my shelf, along with running for a political office, and owning a vast collection of cute shoes. Things I no longer care about or realize it’s too late to really do anything with. Am I really going to read/re-read those books? Does anyone really care what’s on my feet?

Am I passionate about it? Will it help someone? Everything else goes up on the shelf and out of the way. I’ll leave those things for someone else to do.

Times of my Life

7:10 AM to get the school bus

7 PM to get to play practice

9 AM to get to church

7 PM Monday nights to watch Laugh-In

10:20 AM for an ideal college class

11:11 PM for ceasing studying and breaking out the Chips Ahoy

8 AM to wait for the 151 Sheridan or the 156 LaSalle bus

8 PM for the last flight out of O’Hare on Sundays

4:30 AM wake-up to get on the first flight out of O’Hare on Mondays

3 PM to head for the vending machine for M&Ms

4 PM on Tuesdays for organ lessons

6 PM church on Sunday nights and friends afterwards

7:30 AM Mondays for the Laundromat

5 PM Fridays for Portillo’s

12 minutes for a batch of ribbon cookies

1 hour and 15 minutes for a crab and mushroom cheesecake

1.5 minutes in the microwave to heat water for tea

3 minutes in the microwave for bacon

4 hours to drive from Palatine, IL to Holland, MI

5 years at MSU

15 years in marriages

12 years with dogs named Pansy

30 years of writing (some years more than others)

37 years of lovers (real and imagined)

I ask for more minutes, hours and years.  And for more life for my times.