How Wonderful is Pandora?

vinylrecordThe Pandora Music Station/App/Radio-like product is one of my new favorite things. I’ve been listening to it for a couple years now, but I’ve used it really for background sounds to set a mood. Maybe because it’s Spring Break and it’s snowing (grrr) and I’m waiting for the carpet cleaner, I’ve been checking out the genre stations. While you can’t select individual songs, you can certainly get close. Here are some random observations from this afternoon:

  • I miss Henry Mancini and Burt Bacharach.
  • How much fun Ferrante & Teicher must have had playing The Theme from Exodus.
  • Are there any optimistic songs written today that are as excited about the future as Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In?
  • Whenever I go to the ShowTunes station, Phantom of the Opera is ALWAYS playing.
  • They have music stations to go along with the cuisine you’re cooking.
  • When you set up a station to listen to a specific artist – you will never hear that artist on it.
  • They need a button that will prevent most of James Taylor and all of Pink Floyd from EVER being played on my selected stations.