Why I March

imagesWhen I first read about the Women’s March, I remembered showing the movie about the fight for women to vote, “Iron Jawed Angels,” to U.S. History classes. Then I asked the students how important the right to vote was to them. Most said they would not even bother voting.

I march to support teachers and the incredible job they do in the face of so many challenges and so little support.

Also, I knew I had to join other women to remind the world that women’s rights are human rights and to protest the casual dismissal of multiple sexual assaults – bragged about – by the man who is to represent our country.

I march because I can, and want to be able to continue to do so. To protest the demeaning of women, the coarsening of the culture, and the contempt for intelligence, facts, and the ability to form a complete sentence.

I march to protest the grossly unqualified cabinet choices – an insult to those experienced and devoting their life to service for others and for our common good. The billionaires selected are poised to profit while creating situations that add to their personal wealth at the expense of the rest of the country.

I am disappointed in Evangelicals as a group. Do you really believe the higher the pile of money, the closer to God? No matter the lifestyle, the arrogance, the injustices, and abuse of power in words and actions?  I was among you eight years ago. If you recall, you freaked out mightily and believed every conspiracy theory Glenn Beck drew on his whiteboard. You were so worried about the Russians. Remember? Now as the “true patriots” you claim to be, you wave away the norms and precedents, the belief in the integrity of our national security departments and side with – the Russians – the very things that had you weeping and wailing eight years ago. Now you are just mean, and it has spread to your children. I see it and hear about it in the schools I visit.

Really? You’re okay with treating women as objects? With bullying? The leader of our nation uses speech and behavior that would get any student expelled from school, but it’s okay if born into a wealthy family. And public institutions should not be profit centers for those who were born into families wealthy enough to buy their own politicians and write legislation that favors only increasing their offshore bank accounts.

One thing we learn from history, at least those who learn history, is that there is no going back. America will be great again with new ideas that create new industries and new jobs. America will be great again when we look at each person here as an American instead of dividing everyone into separate tribes that need to be fought for the scraps tossed out from the global elites. When we see each person as worthy of dignity, educated, and with access and the means for healthcare, decent housing, healthy food, drinkable water and breathable air, then we will be great.

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