I’m Back….with Some Random Observations

“Okay, cutting to the chase, not dead, back, big surprise, nevermind.”*

My list of favorite scriptwriters now includes Steven Moffat.

I was in church last Saturday night and the man across the aisle was wearing a gun. Apparently, the law here is that if you have a concealed carry permit, you can open carry in church. I did not know the man. I did not feel safer. I felt less safe and wondered what his worldview was that he felt he needed to bring his gun to Mass.

I know summer’s over because:

  • I see geese flying in V-formation
  • I saw my first branch of autumn leaves
  • My Jobulator app, after a quiet summer, has started sending out alerts for substitute teaching
  • I’m starting to think about things with pumpkin
  • I looked up when BCHS has home football games


My gardenia tree has about 20 buds on it. Two less because of a squirrel that eats them as they start to open. I’m going to watch Caddyshack for ideas on vermin eradication.

If this is possible – I am a late bloomer who is ahead of my time.

Please don’t use these words around me: Hacks. Literally.

Point to ponder: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” George Carlin


* Missy, in Dr. Who, Magician’s Apprentice.