Finding friends at the Family Fare

One thing I’ve been noticing is the people in my life.  I would have never guessed the roles they would play when I first met them.  I am learning to pay more attention to every interaction and look for surprises.  A current example:  Linda.

Linda and I went to high school together, but we did not hang out together. It was a small school and everyone just knew everyone else – at least to match a name and face. So, Linda and I graduate and go our separate ways and have very different lives.  Thirty-eight years later we meet again.  I see her at the grocery store and we say we should get together sometime – maybe next spring with some others from our class.  Then she sees me at the church she attends. That’s comforting because I am going to my husband’s church – not the one I grew up in – and it feels good to see someone familiar.  The church is a Catholic church and I am taking classes to become Catholic.  Linda became a Catholic 36 years ago when she got married.  Another thing in common.

I find out that I need a sponsor for the next Sunday at Mass.  A sponsor that will go with me through this exploration process and challenge me.  For the next year or two.  It’s suggested I ask Linda.  I don’t even know what I’m asking of her and I don’t know what’s going on in her life, or even if she’d do that for someone she hardly knows.  I ask her, stammering and nervous.  She replies that she’d love to be my sponsor and what time does she have to be there.  Wow.  That’s how this particular journey starts.  Nothing I could have planned.  Just trying to pay attention and be amazed at each of our stories and the parts we get to play in others.