2012 Christmas Letter


As I sat down to write this Christmas letter and looked at my notes for each month, the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, as he’s trying to update Westley, who’s been “mostly dead”, come to mind. “Let me explain,” he says, ”No there is too much – let me sum up.”

To sum up:  I moved back to MI, married my high school sweetheart.  There are challenges.  I am very happy.

I have so much to be thankful for.  So here, in no particular order, are some of the things I’m thankful for from this past year:

My beach, and how close it is now.

The Second City Sketch writing class for letting me play with them.

Chris & Dave and Don & Dee for giving me my very own place my first month here.

Sharon for getting me caught up on old friends.

The “girls” at Mariano’s for showing their strength and resilience when faced with very difficult life transitions.

Pat (and Larry), for well, a long list of looking after me from everything at my wedding (“the shoes were mine”) to helping paint my office to showing me all the great resale shops. For introducing me to Asti Tosti and reminding me of the power of bleach.

Kevin for loving me and bringing me back home.

Kevin’s family – now MY family – for accepting me and being with me in some dark times.

Nancy for the hours she spent with me, feeding me and just letting me take a nap when I really needed one.

Tedd for believing in me and being my first client.

My new MacBook Air – I can now work with my laptops side-by-side.  An A.D.D. delight.

Good health.

The fun of reconnecting with friends from high school.

The fun of reconnecting with friends from high school from a writer’s perspective.

Amy at JCP Salon for keeping my hair red and giving me a new look.

Holy Redeemer Parish where I’m doing my RCIA and I can ask all kinds of questions.

Steve and his family for the happy times and the love they gave me.

Angella, Diane, Ginny, Rachael, Jerry, Mary for talking me out of things, off of ledges, and being voices of reason.  It’s not your fault I ignore the voices of reason part.

I’m looking forward to a year of building on the foundation laid this year.

So, 2013 – Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!



Where am I now?

Because of my instant “change everything in my life” this summer, I find myself having to remember where I am – several times a day. And just remembering. Remembering what I was doing at this time last year in Chicago. It all seems like so long ago, yet I can remember the taste of particular meals and what work I was doing and who I was with.  This remembering often comes with a pang of sweetness; and then the pain of loss. I chose to leave it all behind. Some days I think of it as a failed thirty year experiment and on better days I marvel at the adventures and love I had the privilege to enjoy.