Times of my Life

7:10 AM to get the school bus

7 PM to get to play practice

9 AM to get to church

7 PM Monday nights to watch Laugh-In

10:20 AM for an ideal college class

11:11 PM for ceasing studying and breaking out the Chips Ahoy

8 AM to wait for the 151 Sheridan or the 156 LaSalle bus

8 PM for the last flight out of O’Hare on Sundays

4:30 AM wake-up to get on the first flight out of O’Hare on Mondays

3 PM to head for the vending machine for M&Ms

4 PM on Tuesdays for organ lessons

6 PM church on Sunday nights and friends afterwards

7:30 AM Mondays for the Laundromat

5 PM Fridays for Portillo’s

12 minutes for a batch of ribbon cookies

1 hour and 15 minutes for a crab and mushroom cheesecake

1.5 minutes in the microwave to heat water for tea

3 minutes in the microwave for bacon

4 hours to drive from Palatine, IL to Holland, MI

5 years at MSU

15 years in marriages

12 years with dogs named Pansy

30 years of writing (some years more than others)

37 years of lovers (real and imagined)

I ask for more minutes, hours and years.  And for more life for my times.